Hurricane Shutters Protect Your Home

If you live in an area that gets a lot of hurricanes, you may have considered protecting your home from this serious issue. Hurricane shutters are a great option to consider to protect your home when bad weather emerges.  These are some things you need to know about hurricane shutters and keeping your home safe. What Exactly Are Hurricane Shutters? Hurricane shutters provide protective barriers against the wind and items the wind may be carrying, including branches, rain, and even large items. Read More 

Residential Window Replacement: Are Triple Pane Windows A Worthy Investment?

A window replacement project presents the opportunity to invest in modern, efficient, and functional windows. One of the best options in the market today is triple pane window technology. This tech features three sheets of glass sandwiched together with a layer of gas between them. Triple-pane windows are costlier than standard and double-paned windows. So, are they a worthy investment? Below are some reasons to install triple-pane windows for your home. Read More 

Home Replacement Window Guide To Improvements And Preparations Before Renovations

If you want to find the best energy-efficient improvements for home renovations, then replacement windows are a good investment. With your replacement windows, that are additional features, improvements, and preparations that you will want to do for your project. The following home replacement window guide will help you with the improvement, extras, and preparations for your renovations: Measuring and estimating the windows you need—The first thing that you need to know is where replacement windows can be used for your renovations. Read More 

5 Reasons Why Window Tinting Is Ideal for Beach Homes

One of the best things about staying on the beach is the beautiful beachside view. Beach homes are commonly constructed with numerous large windows in order to provide an unimpeded view. However, these windows can bring unwanted glare into your home along with heat from the sun. You can reduce glare, increase privacy, and cool your home at the same time by installing tinting on your windows. If you own a beach home, here are five reasons why you'll want window tinting. Read More 

Are You Working On The Window Treatment For Your Previously Owned House?

While some people might consider that getting to design their own house would be a dream come true, maybe that's not what you've always wished for. Maybe your dream-come-true house came in the form of an older, previously owned home. if that's true, you are probably wanting to keep the charm of the older house. However, you also know that there are things that are needed to make your house run more efficiently. Read More