4 Benefits Of Adding Vinyl Frames To Your Double-Glazed Windows

Double-glazed windows are an excellent addition to any home. Not only are they energy-efficient, but they also provide security and ease of maintenance to your windows. An important decision you'll have to make regarding double glazing is the type of frame you should use. Vinyl frames work well for such windows because of their flexibility, compatibility, and competitive pricing. Here are four reasons why you should consider installing vinyl frames on your double-glazed windows

1. Convenient Installation Process 

Vinyl frames are made from a light yet tough material that's easy to install on double-glazed windows. The frame can be customized to fit tightly around each glass panel, ensuring your window assembly remains firm on the side of your home. Many double-glazed windows are thick, heavy, and sturdy. This means you need a frame that's equally durable, providing enough support to keep the glass firmly in place. 

Vinyl meets this requirement because it can be strengthened during the manufacturing process. This means varying thickness, frames, and styles can be designed to fit your double-glazed windows as desired. A convenient installation process also means you can get multiple window frames replaced within the same day without compromising on quality.  

2. Make Your Windows Easier to Clean 

As much as double-glazed windows provide safety and insulation, they can be challenging to clean. The two glass panels fused together to provide additional surfaces for dust and other particles to accumulate. 

Vinyl frames are a convenient way of keeping your double-glazed windows clean. They cover the edges of your glass panels and contain an even surface that doesn't hide dirt. Through the use of special coatings, vinyl frames can also kill germs on contact and prevent the accumulation of dust particles. This means your windows will be much easier to clean and maintain over time.  

3. Adequate Protection With Minimal Maintenance 

Speaking of maintenance, vinyl frames do much more than protecting your glass from dirt particles. Vinyl also doesn't crack or chip easily. This means you'll seldom have to worry about repainting your window frames or replacing them due to physical damage. Combining the durability of vinyl frames with the thickness of double-glazed windows is the best way of keeping your home safe (through the windows, at least).

4. Energy Efficiency 

For those who are hoping to reduce energy costs by installing double-glazed windows, you can get even better results after adding a vinyl frame. Double glazing prevents leaking air through the glass itself, but the edges of the window panels are still vulnerable. Vinyl frames tightly seal these edges and help further reduce heating/cooling costs.