Options For Attractive, Yet Affordable Entry Doors

When you start looking for entry doors for your home, you'll soon realize the price range is, well, broad. You can pay a few hundred dollars for a basic entry door, or a few thousand for the most upscale and unique doors. If you're like most people, you may want an entry door that is interesting and attractive, but not one that will cause you to empty your pockets. Is this possible to find? Yes! Here are some options and features to look for in less-expensive entry doors that will make them look nice without adding too much extra cost.

Small Windows

Entry doors with big windows tend to be more costly. But if you find a door with two or three small windows, it may be more affordable. Entry doors with several small windows tend to be more unique and attractive, too, since several small windows add more texture. The small windows let some light in, but they are not as easy for someone to break in through — which makes these doors secure. For a more modern look, focus on entry doors with square or rectangular windows. For a more traditional look, opt for entry doors with round or ovular windows.

Stripes of Color

Entry doors in bold, bright colors like purple or green tend to be pricey. Often, this is because they are powder coated in this color to ensure the color does not come off easily. If you want color without spending so much, then look for doors with a single stripe of color. A beige door with a bead of purple along the window frame can look really awesome. A gray door with a little navy accent can look even more striking than a full navy door! 

Raised Panels

Another affordable way to get a more interesting entry door is to look for one with raised panels. The door will typically still be one uniform color, but the raised panels add more texture and interest than you get with a flat panel door. Raised panel doors do have a more traditional look, but they won't look out of place unless you have a really modern home where absolutely every surface is flat. They also tend to look really nice when paired with thicker window frames.

There are ways to get an interesting entry door without spending a fortune. With beads of color, raised panels, and smaller windows, you can create a nice look for less.