Common Forms Of UPVC Double-Glazed Windows You Should Know

One of the essential decisions you need to make after constructing your new home or when renovating is the type of windows you install. Other than improving your home's appearance, windows determine your energy use and the property cost if you intend to sell. 

Many homeowners are choosing to install unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) double-glazed windows thanks to the unique benefits they offer. The windows have an outstanding look, require less maintenance, last longer, and boost energy efficiency. So which forms of these double glazing windows should you consider? Some popular options are outlined below.

Sliding and Gliding Glazing Windows

These kinds of windows resemble sliding doors for verandas or patios. They sit behind another pane and operate from one side to the other instead of upward, downward, or outward. These double glazing windows are ideal for areas with limited space. This allows users to open and close the windows at will without interfering with the traffic outdoors. The only issue one may face with these windows is limited airflows as you can only open one side at a time when you want to aerate the room.

Tilt and Turn Glazing Windows

Another type of double glazing window you can consider is tilt and turn windows. When you place the handle in a tilting position, your window will open a few inches. The small opening will promote air circulation in the room and keep pets and kids safe, especially if they like climbing. You can also choose to lock the window fully to make sure children cannot open it.

Other than promoting safety and enhancing air circulation, these windows can open, making it easier to clean them. Users do not need to go outdoors or climb a ladder to clean them when they become dirty.

Fixed Glazed Windows

As the name suggests, fixed glazing windows do not open. As such, they are a suitable option for areas or rooms that are well-ventilated. The primary purpose of installing such a glazing window design is to let light into the room.

Casement Glazing Windows

These windows are designed to open outward, just like doors, thanks to the hinges installed on the side or the top. The windows are an ideal substitute for sash windows or spaces where a sash window is difficult to reach. The beauty is that they are easy to operate and come at an affordable rate regardless of the styles.