Choosing Blinds For Your Apartment Building

If you own or manage an apartment building, you likely want to put up blinds in each of the units. This helps maintain privacy and security, and it means that your tenants won't all need to install their own window treatments. But what blinds should you use for your apartment units? Here are some tips to help you choose the best blinds for this situation. 

Look for blinds that are simple to open and close

Standard blinds with pull strings are often inexpensive. However, people often find them hard to open and close. The strings can also tangle. You won't want to deal with tenants calling you because their blinds are stuck, and you don't want to have to replace blinds after every lease because the strings are damaged or tangled. So, you're usually better off picking blinds with a better operating mechanism. For example, those that you simply pull down or push up tend to work well. It's worth paying a little more for these blinds if they save you and your tenants headaches and time.

Pick a neutral color

This is not the time to show off your style or color preferences. Most tenants will prefer neutral blinds because they can then decorate the apartment in whatever colors they choose. If possible, look for blinds that are the same color as the walls in your apartment. Or, you could pick neutral blinds first, and then have a paint color custom mixed to coordinate with those blinds. Light gray, beige, and white blinds all tend to work well in apartments. Keep in mind that the lighter the color, the more obvious any dirt accumulation will be.

Make sure they are easy to clean

Some tenants will keep their blinds nice and clean, but others won't. You'll find that you or your cleaning staff often need to clean blinds when tenants move out. So make sure you choose blinds that are easy to clean. The wider the blinds, the easier they tend to be to clean. Also, look for blinds made with a smooth material that is less likely to attract or hold onto dust.

If you follow the tips above when choosing blinds for your apartment building, you will end up with blinds that are well-suited to the task at hand. Many companies will give you a good deal if you buy many sets of blinds at once.

Contact a local service provider to learn more about apartment blinds.