5 Signs That A House Could Use Window Tinting

People thinking about window tinting tend to focus on its use in cars. Likewise, folks often assume the best way to get shade in a house is by putting up curtains. However, home window tinting is an underrated solution. If you're considering house window tinting, here are five signs it might be the right option for your place.

Faded Carpets, Floors, and Furnishings

UV exposure comes from sunlight. These rays can react with the pigments in various materials, including fabrics, woods, plastics, and composites. Over time, these reactions often cause the materials inside a house to fade.

Especially if your house has large or south-facing windows, the amount of UV exposure can be significant. This can cause significant damage to the contents of your house. Putting up home window tint can reduce the amount of exposure and prolong the service life of many of your home's contents and materials.


Many times, pulling down the shades doesn't do the job to combat the heat in a house. Another advantage of house window tinting is that it limits energetic rays from getting into the place. This reduces how much the warm rays can excite the air inside of your home, and that tends to keep the heat down. Particularly if you have a highly exposed part of your house with no nearby trees or shade structures, home window tinting may be the only way to curb the heat.

Lights from Traffic

While it's easy to focus on the daytime need for tint, there's also a nighttime application. A house that's close to the street can receive lots of light from passing traffic. If you don't want to install full-on blackout curtains, home window tinting serves as an alternative. For example, there might be a nice nighttime view, but you just need to tone down the lights. House window tinting can make a big difference without blocking out the view entirely.

Bird Collisions

This may sound odd, but some houses have problems with birds not seeing the windows. Changing the reflectivity of a window can help birds perceive it as a solid object and reduce their risk of flying into it.


Some properties have windows that make the interior very visible to passersby. If you want more privacy, home window tinting can provide it. Advances in materials also ensure that you can maintain your view of the outside while blocking everyone else's view of you. Especially if you have windows close to streets or sidewalks, you'll appreciate the difference.

For more information, contact a home window tinting professional near you.