3 Reasons To Consider Glass Block Windows

If you are searching for windows for your home, many window styles will meet your needs. While glass block windows may not be something you want in every room of your home, they are an excellent fit for spaces that need additional privacy. Glass block windows are made of glass blocks arranged in a grid pattern and bonded together with mortar or a silicone sealant. Here are three reasons to consider glass block windows.

They Enhance Privacy

Glass block windows are an excellent fit for rooms where you want to let light in but don't want to give people passing by a look inside your home. Since glass blocks are often textured, they obscure the view inside your home while still allowing plenty of natural light inside. Glass blocks are often used in basements, bathrooms, and other areas where privacy is a concern. Glass blocks come in many sizes, textures, styles, and even colors. This variety makes it easier to find glass block windows that offer the level of privacy you desire for your home.

They Are Secure

Another advantage of glass block windows is that they are very secure and resistant to break-ins. Glass block windows can be customized to fit almost any window opening, so there won't be any gaps for intruders to take advantage of. They are also relatively easy to install but can be heavy and require professional installation if your window opening is not the correct size. However, their heavy nature makes them more secure than other window options. A burglar will have a tough time breaking into a glass block window.

They Are Cost-Effective

Another reason to consider glass block windows is that they are cost-effective. A glass block window will usually set you back between $400 and $1,100. However, these windows can enhance your home's energy efficiency and may even lead to some energy savings. In addition, since glass blocks are sturdy, enhance privacy, and still let light in, they are a fantastic option for the price. The added security glass blocks offer is also a bonus to consider when checking out your window options.

There are a few reasons why glass block windows may be a good fit for your home. First, glass blocks enhance privacy while still letting light inside. Second, glass blocks are secure and make breaking into your home difficult due to their sturdy construction. Finally, glass block windows are a great value considering all of the benefits they offer.