Why You Should Consider Impact Windows If You Live Where Hurricanes And Bad Storms Are A Threat

If your home's windows have ever blown out in a storm or hurricane, you know how much damage it can cause to your house. You may be motivated to put in stronger windows, and a good choice would be impact windows. Here's why. 

The Windows Resist Strong Wind And Impacts

Impact windows are rated to stand up to hurricane-force winds and flying debris that impacts the glass. If you don't have to worry about glass flying into your home and wind rushing in to raise the roof or cause other damage, your home will be much safer in a hurricane.

Flying glass is just one problem with strong winds. If the wind blows in your house, it can do a lot of damage, especially tropical storm or hurricane winds. Winds can destroy your belongings and even damage the structure of your house.

Driving rain is also an issue. Since rain can last a long time during a storm event, a lot of water could be driven inside your house, and that could lead to mold and water damage.

Impact Windows Are Hard To Break Through

The reason impact windows stay in the frame when they are struck is because of a tough membrane that's applied between two panes of glass. The glass is still vulnerable to cracking, but the glass won't fall out of the frame. Instead, the glass adheres to the tough film so it stays in place. This allows the windows to stay strong when impacted by flying debris or by an intruder trying to smash their way inside your house.

If you evacuate before a hurricane, you may worry the whole time you're gone if intruders are trying to break in or if your home is open and exposed because the windows failed. With impact windows, you'll have this extra layer of home security all year long, and not just during hurricane season when you get new impact windows put in.

Impact Windows Help With Energy Savings

Because of the way the windows are made and installed so they are very secure in the walls, impact windows are very energy efficient. The two panes of glass and the membrane between them cut down on the amount of heat loss or gain your home gets in different seasons. The windows not only protect you and your home, but they can also even save on your energy bills, especially if the windows you have now are old, drafty, and only have a single pane of glass.

Talk to a window dealer about the pros and cons of impact windows and the best impact windows to buy for your region of the country. These windows can give you peace of mind when a bad storm approaches whether you're at home during the storm or away.

Contact a local impact windows service, such as Wind Safe Shutters, to learn more.