How To Tell If You Need New Windows For Your Home

One part of your home that will eventually need replacement are the windows. However, many homeowners have difficulty determining if this home renovation project really needs to be done. Here are some tips that can help you identify the need for new replacement windows

Drafty Windows

An easy way to determine if your windows need replacement is to feel for a draft. You may easily feel cold air coming through the window during the winter, which means that the air is finding its way through the gaps in the window casing that are no longer airtight. The best solution to this problem is to replace the windows with brand new ones.

Foggy Glass and Condensation

Have you noticed that your windows look a bit foggy? What you may be seeing is condensation that is forming inside the glass. This is a problem that happens with dual pane glass windows that now allow moisture to get inside the panes. This space between the gaps is actually filled with a special gas that improves energy efficiency. When the gas is gone and condensation appears, know that you are losing a lot of the energy efficiency that dual pane glass provides.

Old Age

Do you know when you last replaced your windows? Windows can last anywhere between 10 and 40 years, depending on the material that is used and where the window is located. The windows being very old can be a good enough reason to replace them, since they likely have other problems as well.

Lead Paint

Old windows with lead paint on them can be very difficult to fix. If you have a kids bedroom with windows that have lead paint on them, the best way to get rid of the paint is to replace all of the windows. You can replace the window with new wood, metal, or vinyl material that will be safe for a young child.

Opening Difficulty

Is it a struggle to open your windows these days? It could be due to having double hung windows that are tough to slide up and down, or crank style windows that requires a long of strength to open and close. Consider replacing the windows if you have trouble using them

Decreased Energy Efficiency

Energy bills going up for the past several years? Having all of these problems can contribute to a decrease and energy efficiency, which causes you to pay for it in the form of increased heating and cooling bills during the year.