4 Types Of Window Features For Home Security

In as much as they improve the aesthetics of a home and are an important feature for ventilation, windows can also serve as an entry point for burglars and other intruders. This is why security must always be a top priority when you're choosing features for any window.

There are many features to choose from when you want to make sure you have secure windows. The idea is to choose a combination of features that, together, make any window a lot harder to breach.

Reinforced Glass

Step one would be to ensure that the glass itself is strong and secure. On a standard window, the glass is the weakest point, and if an intruder can get past the glass easily, they can also disable other security features you might have installed. Therefore, you should consider using some kind of reinforced glass. A window installation service can help you look at different options for reinforced glass for your windows.

Tempered glass is a cheap option that's relatively harder to break than regular glass. Laminated glass would also force an intruder to hit the same spot several times, and this can draw someone's attention. Windows labeled as impact resistant are your best best, since they can withstand a lot of force without breaking. 

Window Bars

Bars on a window may not be very aesthetically pleasing, but they provide a good extra layer of security in the event that the glass is breached. The sight of bars on a window will be a deterrent for many potential intruders.

If you're worried about the aesthetics, there are also companies that specialize in making ornamental bars for windows. These decorative bars can be designed to suit your home, and there are also some designs that are supposed to be less conspicuous.

Window Alarms

There are different types of alarms that can be used on windows. Some type of alarms will detect if the window is broken or opened. The alarm can alert you, your security company or just cause the burglar to flee.

Some alarms monitor the area near the window. These alarms use motion detectors that will alert you if someone is in that area before they even touch the window.


One of the best solutions to window security is the obvious one; a good lock. Deadbolts and many other types of locks will take a lot of effort to get past. You can also go for a strong lock that's visible from outside. This may be enough to keep most burglars from even trying to break in through the window. A self-locking latch can also provide you with a simple way of securing your window, so you won't have to worry about forgetting to lock windows after closing them.

Contact a window installation service for more help in choosing the most secure new windows for your home.