Have Rotting Windows And Warped Window Boxes? What To Know About Replacement Options

When it comes to old damaged windows and warped or rotting window boxes, you have to make replacements right away. If you need to replace the entire structure of your window and you aren't sure where to start, or what to consider at the time that the windows are replaced, there are some things to look into. Here are some of the things that you want to talk with the local window contractors about.

Replacement Insulation

Replace the insulation around the window frames after the old windows are removed. This can be done with fiberglass insulation or spray foam. New insulation will help with heating and cooling efficiency and can help to protect the home from moisture or even pests.

Get costs for different insulation materials and services to see what you want to add to the project. Doing this while the windows are being replaced is probably the easiest time because you already have access to the walls.

Use Casement Windows

The casement windows are great because they can go into the area where the old windows were, even if you had to pull out the box. These windows are

  • Energy-efficient
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Designed with thick glass options for security

Get costs for the different windows you need to have replaced and for the installation labor fees. Once you have a total cost for the project, you can decide if you want to install casement windows and replace every window or just replace the ones with damages.

Financing Options

If you don't have the cash to replace the windows, there are some financing options to look into. This will include

  • Applying for a credit card
  • Utilizing a home equity loan
  • Asking the window company about their in-house financing options

The money you invest in new windows is worth the cost because you are improving the house, protecting it, and adding value.

It's smart to get estimates from more than one window supplier and installation company in the area, so you are able to compare the different costs of both the materials and the labor to put the windows in. No matter what company you use, they should offer some type of warranty for both the windows and their services, with the cost that you pay. Don't put your house at risk and leave damaged or rotting windows around the property, and get them replaced as quickly as you can.