2 Benefits Of Installing New Windows In Your Home

New energy-efficient vinyl windows can do more than increase the energy efficiency of your home -- they can also help reduce the amount of noise that makes its way into your home from outside, and they can increase your security as well.

Reduce Noise Transmissions 

New windows can help reduce the amount of noise that is transmitted into your home from the outside. When you go and look at new windows, you want to pay attention to the Sound Transmission Class (STC) of your new windows. The Sound Transmission Class is a measurement that tells you how well an object stops sound waves as they travel through an object. 

You want to look for a window that has a higher STC sound rating. Next to the sound rating, it should tell you what type of sounds you will hear at that sound rating. You want to look for a window with a rating and description that says that you cannot hear normal speech through the window and that you can only hear loud sounds at a murmur. 

Keep in mind that the STC of a window is not considered when determining if a window earns the Energy Star rating for being effective at keeping the sound out. 

Another factor to look at when considering sound transmission is how many panes of glass a window has. Generally, the more panes of glass a window has, the less sound it will transmit. 

Increased Security

Next, new windows can increase the security of your home in a variety of ways. If you have sliding windows installed in your home, you can have a clip put on your windows in addition to the lock. A click will secure the bottom of your window to the frame, making it extremely difficult for someone to ever force your window open from the outside. 

You can install laminated glass or safety glass in your new windows. Laminated glass has an internal layer of lamination that holds the window together even if the glass is broken; this will prevent someone in your home from getting injured by shattered glass. Even if the glass is broken, it is very difficult to break through the laminated layer, making it very difficult once again for someone to get into your home. 

When you have new windows installed in your home, you can also have different window screens installed as well. If you put in security window screens, even when your windows are open it will be difficult for someone to get into your home. Security window screens are made to withstand a high degree of force and are not easy to push open or even cut open. 

New windows will do more than lower your heating and cooling costs. New windows will also help make your home quieter, and they will help increase the security of your home.