3 Ways To Prepare For Window Replacement In The Winter Time

If you need to replace a window in the middle of winter, you are going to want to take steps to minimize the time that the space where the window will go is left open. All that cold air can quickly chill your home. 

Clear The Space Around The Window

The first thing you can do to help out the window installers is clear out the space around the window both inside and outside. Inside of your home, move any furniture and other items that are in front of the window area or would restrict access to the window area. Outside of your home, move any furniture or lawn equipment that would restrict access to your window. If there is snow on the ground, shovel a path to the window and shovel the area underneath the window to make the work space safer for the window installation team.

Shut Off The Space

If the window is located in a room you can seal off, you are going to want to do so. For example, if you are having a window replaced in a bedroom, shut the bedroom door and put a rolled towel under the door to keep the cold air that will enter that room from getting into the rest of your house. Or, if you are having a new window installed in the kitchen and you don't have a door to close, put plastic up over the entry way to reduce the amount of cold air that enters the rest of your living space. 

Ask For Two Installers

When you schedule your window installation, be sure to let the window company know that you want to minimize the amount of time that air from the outside is able to enter into your home. One of the best ways to achieve this task is by asking the company, a place like Bob's Glass, to send out at least two installers to put in your new window. When two installers are working together, the amount of time that the window space is open without a window in it should be greatly minimized. 

If you need to have a window replaced this winter, make the job a little easier on the installers by clearing the space around the windows both inside and outside. Next, shut off the space where the window will be replaced to prevent the rest of your house from getting cold and turn up the heat in that room once the window is installed to warm things back up. Finally, be sure to ask the window installation team to send two installers instead of one to ensure that the job is done as quickly and as effectively as possible.