4 Signs That It Is Time To Invest In New Windows When You Live In An Old Home

One of the best things about windows is that they are so long-lasting. However, if you live in a home that was built over a century ago, the old windows in your home, while they function, may not provide you with the same benefits that modern windows would.

#1 Rot & Decay Around the Window

Many older homes have wood window frames. Wood window frames look great and can be long lasting if they are taken care of properly. However, if the wood window frames in your home were not properly taken care of, they may have developed rot and decay over time.

Rot and decay can be addressed by replacing the window frames in your home. You can replace the window frames with new wood frames or with vinyl frames instead.

#2 Fogged Up Glass

Another sign that you need to invest in new window frames is fogged-up glass. The glass on your windows should not develop fog and condensation on them on a regular basis. Ideally, your windows should never have condensation on them.

Condensation and fog develop on your windows because your windows are not properly insulated. If you see condensation in between the panes of glass, it is because the seal on the window no longer works effectively. If this is an issue with the majority of the windows in your home, it is most likely caused by the age and quality of your windows.

#3 Poor Insulation

One of the areas where the majority of air leaks out of a home is around the windows and doors. With old window frames that are degraded and glass that is not properly insulated, you could be losing a significant amount of air around your windows. This can greatly increase your overall heating and cooling costs, and reduce the energy efficiency of your home.

Changing out your windows and window frames is an easy way to increase the overall energy efficiency of your old home.

#4 Out of Date Style

Finally, if you have extremely old windows up in your home, they may be making your entire home look dated and old. Window styles have changed over the decades, and windows that are as old as your grandparents can make your home look old as well. Installing new window frames can make your home look as nice as it is on the inside and the outside.

If you have old windows in your home that have rotten or decaying frames, that tend to get fogged up all the time and don't keep the cold out, you need to update your windows. Modern wood or vinyl windows with double pane glass will not fog up and will provide your home with the insulation that it needs. You'll experience less heat loss and a more comfortable home with upgraded windows. 

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