5 Extra Window Cleaning Services To Take Advantage Of

Cleaning the windows on your home is a task that no homeowner wants to take on themselves. This is why hiring professional window cleaners is definitely beneficial because it saves you time. Plus, professionals have the right tools to keep your windows spot clean for a longer period of time. When you hire professionals, be sure to take advantage of these five extra services that most companies will offer:

  1. Screen Washing: To make your windows appear even cleaner, have the professionals also clean the screens. The other benefit of doing this is that the dirt stuck to the screen now won't transfer quickly to your newly washed windows. Having the screens cleaned will thus keep the windows cleaner for a longer period of time ensuring that you don't have to hire professionals as often. 
  2. Frame, Sill, and Track Washing: You should also be sure that the professionals will clean around the windows including the frame, sills, and tracks. The dirt here can also accumulate and make your newly washed windows dirty really quickly again. Plus, it makes the windows appear even cleaner for a longer period of time. 
  3. Skylight Cleaning: If you have any skylights, you should have these cleaned during this time, as well. Most window washing companies will include these for an additional cost since they will need to get onto the roof in order to reach them. 
  4. Mirror Cleaning: Mirrors can also be included in the window washing service in some cases, which is something you might want to consider if you have large mirrors in the home, especially ones that attach to the closet doors. When the professionals move in to clean the interior of the windows, they can also stop in each room to clean the mirrors, as well. 
  5. Shower Door Cleaning: If you have a glass shower door, you should also have this cleaned, as well. This can be done at the same time that the window that overlooks the garden in the bathroom is being washed. This way, you can enjoy your bathroom for the benefits that it provides, which is a clean, open look. 

With these five additional window cleaning services, you can take full advantage of what professionals can do for you. The biggest benefit is that with some of these services, you can take advantage of keeping the windows cleaner for a longer period of time, thus saving money on the services because you won't have to hire them as often.