Reasons To Want Glass Railings Around A Second-Level Deck

If you're having a second-level deck off your home rebuilt, one of the big things that you'll need to ponder is the material for the railings and balusters. Wood is a natural choice — after all, it will match the floor of the deck and possibly the support posts. However, it's not the only material that you should consider. If you favor more of a modern or upscale look, glass railings can be desirable. Available in clear or tinted, glass railings can add a sharp look to your second-level deck and provide a number of other advantages, too. Here are three reasons to strongly consider this building material.

Greater Visibility Into Your Yard

A big advantage of glass railings is the high degree of visibility that they provide. Whereas wooden railings and balusters can block your view of what is below, the opposite is true with glass railings. Consider the location of your second-level deck; if it's at the front of your home, you may favor more privacy. However, if the deck is at the rear of your home, being able to see down into your yard may be highly desirable. Whether it's to watch your kids playing or keep an eye on your pets, the transparent nature of glass railings will suit you.

The Illusion Of More Space

Not everyone has a large second-level deck. Perhaps your deck is off the bedroom and has just enough space for two chairs and a table for enjoying your morning coffee and newspaper. If this space feels a little cramped to you, glass railings can be an ideal choice. Wood can make the space feel a little tighter; glass, however, doesn't give the impression that there's a solid wall beside you. This can make it feel as though your deck is larger than it actually is, which is appealing.

Easier To See Into The Distance

One of the nice things about a second-level deck is that it often provides a nice view. This can especially be the case if you back onto a body of water, or if your house looks over a valley. When you're seated on the deck, wooden railings and balusters impact your ability to see into the distance. It's unfortunate that you've likely paid for this view and aren't getting to enjoy it unless you're standing. With glass railings, you'll be able to enjoy the view of the distance from a seated position.