Center Your Bathroom Remodel Around Your New Mirrors

Updating your bathroom is always a good idea. Since bathrooms are smaller rooms, the remodels are usually more affordable. Also, the bathroom often needs to be remodeled before any other rooms in a home. It gets a lot of traffic. Many people upgrade their bathroom with water efficient shower heads, toilets and faucets. However, you want to think about your new bathroom style, and then base the rest of your remodel around it. Your bathroom should look good and be water efficient. One of the most important features of any bathroom is the bathroom mirror. This article explains what to look for when shopping for a mirror. Once your mirror is picked out, you can base the rest of your bathroom remodel around it.

Framed Mirrors are More Stylish But Smaller

Framed mirrors can add a nice touch of class to your bathroom. A framed mirror, like a framed painting, looks more high end. At the same time, it can be coordinated with molding (crown and baseboard) for a more put together look in the room. Some people also like framed mirrors because they don't need to be permanently attached or glued to the wall. You can hang it, like a picture and easily change it when the time comes.

Most likely, you will need to have a custom made framed mirror. There are some great styles to choose from, but the odds of finding the rights size and style for your room are slim. You are better off getting a custom sized and designed mirror for your bathroom. This will cost more, but you will end up with the perfect mirror.

Seamless Mirrors

Seamless mirrors are great if your bathroom is going to have more modern styling. With no edges or frame, the mirror will look sharp and clean. A seamless mirror will usually have a beveled edge that is subtle and hardly noticeable. Some people choose mirrors that go all the way to the ceiling. This can make the room look bigger. However, you obviously need to make sure that your wall can support the weight of such a heavy piece of glass.

The seamless design means that the mirror needs to be securely glued to the wall. When you glue a mirror to an interior surface like drywall, it cannot be removed without actually damaging the wall.

Whether you choose a seamless or framed mirror, it can be the centerpiece of your bathroom remodel.