5 Reasons To Install Aluminum Windows

If it's time to install new windows on your home, then one decision you must make is the type of window frame. Generally, you have a choice between aluminum, vinyl, or wood. Aluminum can be the best option, as it provides some benefits that the other window frames simply can't give you.

1. High Durability

One of the drawbacks of wood windows is that they can eventually rot. Even vinyl windows will fade or warp if given enough time. Aluminum windows are designed to last for decades. There is no fear of rot or warping. Aluminum is also both corrosion and rust resistant, especially if the paint that covers the metal is maintained.

2. Paintable Surface

Many people opt for vinyl frames because they don't need to painted, like wood does, but that means you are stuck with one color for the life of the windows. The paint on aluminum frames is long lasting so you don't have to repaint as often as you would with wood, but you can also repaint the frames easily if you ever want to update the trim color on your home. This gives you much more versatility compared to vinyl.

3. Low Maintenance

Aluminum windows are nearly no maintenance, other than the very infrequent need to repaint them. They never need to be sanded, for example, as one would with wood windows as they begin to age. In fact, the only necessary maintenance is to occasionally rinse off dust and pollen with the garden hose. This isn't necessary to protect the windows, though, only to keep them looking nice. 

4. Insulated Options

A common concern with aluminum frames is that they won't insulate as well as wood frames. Although wood does provide natural insulation, there are still insulation options for aluminum. Modern aluminum frames are formed around an insulated core. This core may be made of wood, which won't rot as it is protected by the metal, or it may be made of a foam insulation. The windows will carry an insulation rating so that you can choose the ones best suited to your climate.

5. Design Versatility

How a window looks is just as important as how it performs. Due to the light weight of aluminum, it is easy to find it in a multitude of designs, from bulky ornate window frames to slim and sleek modern looks. Many custom-sized and designed windows are also made of aluminum, as it is easy to work with and customize. 

Contact a window installation company to learn more about the window framing choices that are available.