Protect Your Investments By Controlling The Sun: Advantages Of Installing Heavy Drapes

The trend in window treatments in recent years has been toward light curtains and maximizing natural light. While it's easy to understand the appeal of bright sunshine, many people may not have an appreciation for the benefits provided by heavy, light canceling drapes. But they may turn out to be one of the best investments you've made in many years.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of the advantages of hanging drapes in your home's brightest areas. Keeping these positives in mind should provide you with the confidence to embrace darkness as you see fit and to set up window treatments that are versatile enough to handle a variety of challenges.

Temperature Control

Too many people fixate exclusively on their heating and air systems when they're attempting to regulate their in home temperature. While an efficient air conditioner is of course an important part of that process, you should also keep in mind that its efficiency is largely impacted by the ambient temperature in the home.

That ambient temperature is often times altered by the intensity of sunlight pouring in your windows. Too much sun can raise your home's temperature substantially, costing you real dollars as your air conditioning struggles to keep up. Heavy drapes can absorb that light and warmth, allowing you to remain cool and comfortable.

Color Protection

Ultraviolet rays from sunlight aren't typically filtered by your home's windows, and those which penetrate into your living space can cause substantial damage. Furniture, flooring, and other items are likely to fade from sun exposure, substantially damaging the investment you may have made in purchasing nice items for your home.

If you want your colors to remain vibrant and your furniture and flooring to look the way it did on the day you bought it, install heavy drapes. Blocking the sun from damaging your belongings can save you frustration as well as money, and can allow you to enjoy your home more for longer periods.

Improved Sleep

Light pollution is one of the primary sources of interrupted sleep for many people, and they may not even realize it's occurring. Light curtains are unlikely to be able to filter sunlight effectively, and the rise of light in your room may disrupt your sleeping patterns even early in the morning. In order to sleep more restfully and get through the day with more energy, look for light cancelling drapes which can keep you in darkness for as long as you desire.

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